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Parents…How is the Homeschooling Going So Far??? Teachers...How is the Online Teaching Going for You???

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I thought I would take some time to provide you with a little help and a few ideas on how to make your new job, parents…teaching…more manageable and fun.  And teachers…some ways to help you also.

First off, remember that your child’s emotional health is way more important than any skill you will be helping them with.  Learning should be challenging, but also fun and stress-free.  So, don’t get overwhelmed…just go with the flow…slow and easy is the best way.  Remember, the turtle won the race and you can also!

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Teachers...END OF YEAR Activities...Just for YOU!!!

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The activities I am going to share with you are not only fun and engaging, but use the skills of Critical Thinking, Inferencing, Drawing Conclusions, Analyzing, and Comprehension.  Most of these activities can be used when some of your students are pulled from your classroom for a variety of reasons.  Most have answers that are personal to the students, therefore, the grading is easy.

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TEACHERS...What Are YOU Doing the Last Few Weeks of School?

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TEACHERS...What Are YOU Doing the Last Few Weeks of School? I did some research trying to find fun activities to keep students engaged and out of trouble during the last couple of weeks of school. Teachers, you can TWEAK the activities to meet YOU and YOUR students' needs.   Here is what I found... http://www.teachhub.com/top-12-effective-end-year-activities By: Kim Haynes Let the kids teach the class. Split the class into groups and assign each a specific topic you studied this year. Give them time to go over their topic and invent a good review activity, which they have to grade. You assess them on...

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How Do YOU Handle Classroom Behavioral Disruptions?

How Do YOU Handle Classroom Behavioral Disruptions? I don’t know about YOU, but I never enjoyed making that phone call home or even talking with the Dean about the misbehavior in my classroom.  Being a Libra I want no waves in my classroom or life.  I found if I gave my misbehaving students the choice of a call home, visit the Dean, or copying an essay most would choose to copy the essay…something like writing ‘I will not talk’ on the chalkboard in the good ole’ days.   The essay I have them copy is not just any old essay. ...

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What Does A Teacher Do on the Days Half of the Class is Somewhere Else or Testing???

For Teachers Only Blog Post #1   As YOU finish off the school year, YOU are going to have many days where YOUR classes are shortened or many of YOUR students are in a different location.  It is hard to teach a complete lesson when this happens.   I thought back to the times this happened to me.  I want to give YOU some activities that will keep YOUR students motivated, engaged, thinking, and learning even though YOU are not teaching a lesson for a full-time period or with all students present.   Partner Activity - Over a 3-4 Day...

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