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What Would You Do With These?

candlestick holder christmas tree DIY DIY project hat rack serving bowls serving plate table legs vintage wooden bobbins

Vintage Wooden Bobbins Spools

Here are some ideas I found while researching up-cycled and repurposed vintage wooden bobbins or spools…

Add a vintage tin or even a pretty glass bowl to the top of one of the bobbins to make a unique serving dish.

Vintage Wooden Bobbin Picture Holders

Display photographs or table numbers for all to see…


Scroll down about halfway…

I love this idea.  Use the branches of the old artificial tree you are about to throw out to make this unique Christmas tree that everyone will be talking about…


Vintage White Bobbin Candle Holders

Just decorate YOUR way…

Perfect for any season or holiday.

Attach a glass plate to make a cake plate.

Scroll to the bottom on this blog site…


Vintage Wooden Bobbin Picture Holder

The perfect picture holder…


Scroll almost to the bottom.

Vintage Wooden Bobbin Lamp

Do you know an electrician???  If not, I am sure there is a YouTube video on how to wire this bobbin…

Add a candle and a handle and you are all set for lighting the way…

Vintage Wooden Bobbins as Table Legs

Use the bobbins for unique table legs…

Read more here:  http://www.soyouthinkyourecrafty.com/card-catalog-coffe-table-with-wood-type-display-top-tutorial/

Vintage Wooden Bobbins as Hat Racks

They also make a perfect hat rack…


I hope I have given you some good ideas on how to transform your vintage wooden bobbins into something really special to YOU.

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  • Mrs. A. on

    It is so hard to choose my favorite of these ideas. I wouldn’t have thought to have used any of these suggestions. So glad you posted this.

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