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Teachers...I know how much of your own money you spend in your classroom.  Therefore, I have some FREE items just for YOU.  Here you will find FREE Positive Behavior Management Activities, a Student Survival Kit, and much more...I will continually be adding to these free items.

I hope you and your students enjoyed my FREE teacher resources.  Please take a minute or two and check out my other Teacher Resources by clicking this link:  https://jamscraftcloset.com/collections/teacher-downloads 

These resources may not be FREE, but I have priced all of my resources with a teacher’s finances in mind.  I am a retired teacher and always looked first for the FREE stuff, but did purchase items that I thought would save me time/energy and things my students would engage in. 

Search my teacher resources by the textbook you are using, by passage name, or by subject.  HAPPY TEACHING!  Judy