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The Switch to Online Teaching and Learning

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I admire all teachers that have taken on the task of teaching their students electronically through this epidemic period of time.  It is not only challenging for the teachers, but also for their students (AND PARENTS).    I am hoping that some of my PowerPoint lessons will help out.  I used them when I did online tutoring two nights a week on the WIMBA platform that was provided by my Board of Education.  We were trying everything to improve test scores to help raise our school grade.  Just so you know there was NO extra pay for this service to...

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Parents…How is the Homeschooling Going So Far??? Teachers...How is the Online Teaching Going for You???

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I thought I would take some time to provide you with a little help and a few ideas on how to make your new job, parents…teaching…more manageable and fun.  And teachers…some ways to help you also.

First off, remember that your child’s emotional health is way more important than any skill you will be helping them with.  Learning should be challenging, but also fun and stress-free.  So, don’t get overwhelmed…just go with the flow…slow and easy is the best way.  Remember, the turtle won the race and you can also!

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