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Parents…How is the Homeschooling Going So Far??? Teachers...How is the Online Teaching Going for You???

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Parents…How is Homeschooling Going So Far???

Teachers…How is the Online Education Going for You???


I thought I would take some time to provide you with a little help and a few ideas on how to make your new job, parents…teaching…more manageable and fun.  And teachers…some ways to help you also.

First off, remember that your child’s emotional health is way more important than any skill you will be helping them with.  Learning should be challenging, but also fun and stress-free.  So, don’t get overwhelmed…just go with the flow…slow and easy is the best way.  Remember, the turtle won the race and you can also!

For me, students always worked better when there was a routine to follow.  So, you need to set up some type of routine/schedule.  Because you have this, it does not mean that you cannot deviate from it when you need to.  It will be there when you return.  ;-)

Here are some that I found on the Internet that may work for you depending on the age of your children…

If those don’t work for you, here is a website that will help with making that schedule so it fits you, your family, and your routine…


Here are some FREE websites that your kids may enjoy…

Brain Pop

Khan Academy


No Red Ink


Yoga With Adriene

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Reflex Math – 60 Day FREE TRIAL

Hooda Math


Mystery Science


Lalilo - For Teachers and Parents (Phonics)

TeachersPayTeachers.Com - Lots of FREE Stuff here too…

Education.com - Workbook packs and free game play

English/Language Arts: Spelling CityRaz-KidsABC YaNational Geographic Kids
Math: Math-WhizzMath ToyboxXtraMath

ABCmouse.com FREE for 30 Days

Classroom cereal: Work on your grammar by learning to proofread short stories.

Discovery K-12: Pre-K to 12th-grade lessons and activities in these areas: language arts, reading, math, science, history/social studies, performing arts and physical education.

Into the Book: Elementary school students can practice reading comprehension.

Readworks.org: Reading comprehension is the goal of Readworks.

Scholastic Learn at Home: Scholastic Magazine is offering four learning experiences each day.



Now that I have shared outside FREE websites, I would like to share with you things I have prepared that are FREE and also for purchase…



NOTE:  There are many online interactive games that I made for my students in the following links.  They DO NOT work on the Google Chrome Browser because Google Chrome no longer supports FLASH files.  Use another browser and they work fine.


ESOL:  Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

9th Grade World History Units 2-7


Latin and Greek Roots


Text Structure and Text Features


Vocabulary Practice Activities


English/Language Arts 9th and 10th Grade Houghton Mifflin Harcort Textbook


English/Language Arts 7th and 8th Grade Houghton Mifflin Harcort Textbook


English/Language Arts 6th Grade Houghton Mifflin Harcort Textbook


Portfolio Items:  Print and Complete – These items were needed for my students’ Proof of Mastery for each Reading skill listed.


Reading for Fun:  Printable and Online Activities



Parents and Teachers…For a PREVIEW of what I have to offer for purchase check here or to search for what you may need visit my online store JAMsCraftCloset.Com

Look on the LEFT for the collection FOR TEACHER ONLY


There are also lots of FREE Teacher Stuff for Teachers/Homeschool Parents


Here are more of my FREE Stuff…






I hope I have given you something useful as you read this blog.  If you have any suggestions to add or questions, please shoot me an email at: excellence1@cfl.rr.com

I am here to help you in any way I can!

Happy Teaching!!!





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