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Teachers...END OF YEAR Activities...Just for YOU!!!

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Do YOU Need Some Help Keeping YOUR Students Focused and Engaged These Last Few Weeks of School?

The End of the School Year Activities

You will have many interruptions with the end of school activities and of course, testing.  I have some ideas for you that can be found in my TeachersPayTeacher.Com store at JAMsReadingCloset.
The activities I am going to share with you are not only fun and engaging, but use the skills of Critical Thinking, Inferencing, Drawing Conclusions, Analyzing, and Comprehension.  Most of these activities can be used when some of your students are pulled from your classroom for a variety of reasons.  Most have answers that are personal to the students, therefore, the grading is easy.
Let's Begin

Let’s Begin…

I will be sharing 12 lesson ideas, so you will have enough to choose from to help make your End of Year more pleasant.



Are You Left or Right Brained?

Are you left brained or right brained?  Let's find out...


This file contains an activity to see if you are right-brained or left-brained. Students will use Informational text (a magazine article) to find out.


You will find:

The Magazine Article

Answer Key

Student Answer Sheet

3 Printable Right-Brained and Left-Brained Posters

4 Videos

2 Extra Activities


The Videos and Extra Activities Are for Use After the Primary Activity…Happy Teaching!


Draw A Pig Personality Test

Draw a Pig Personality Test


My students loved this analyzing activity.  Just remember to give this as directions...DRAW A PIG..nothing else...answer no questions...I know they will enjoy it and may find out something special about themselves. To save on copy paper, I gave students ½ of a sheet for this activity.  Happy Teaching...


Draw A Tree Critical Thinking Activity

Draw a Tree An Analyzing Activity


During this activity, students will analyze their tree and the information provided in the magazine article. They will determine if their tree represents their personality and explain why or why not.

This is a Fun Friday activity or to use on a day when the school schedule is being shortened or has some sort of conflict. This activity could also be used in a Learning Center to reinforce the skill of analyzing.

My students loved this activity and were great analyzers...Happy Teaching!



Following Directions That Even An ALIEN (YOU) Would Understand

Following Written Directions Even an Alien Would Understand.  Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Students write directions for making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich that an Alien (You) would understand.

As they read their directions to you, the Alien, you will follow their directions and hopefully produce peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  You will need all of the fixings to do this…I told my students the list of items that would be on the table, so they could include those in their directions.

Activities Included: Pre and Post Test, Supply List, Teacher Notes, Vocabulary Activity, Extra Practice, and Photos of my students reading their directions to the Alien (Me)…Happy Teaching!


Following A Magazine Article’s Directions to Make A Paper Airplane

Following Directions Activity Paper Airplane from a Magazine Article


Day 1: Students make their paper airplane from the directions given in a magazine article.

Day 2: Students have a friendly competition to see whose airplane flies the furthest.

Day 3: (OPTIONAL)  Some extra practice Origami Activities are included...A Jumping Frog and A Pelican

Happy Teaching!



Coca-Cola Commercial Cause and Effect Practice Activity

Coca Cola Cause and Effect Activity


I used this lesson for one of my administrative evaluations. This was also the FIRST time in our school that my students were allowed to use their electronic devices...cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. I had to get special permission due to our school rule of no personal electronic devices allowed during the school day. This made the activity even more special.


I allowed the students to work with a buddy, a group of 4, or individually. The objective was to get the most CAUSE and EFFECT relationships from the video as possible. There was a small prize for each class to the one with the most CAUSE and EFFECT relationships.


This was an amazing reinforcement activity for CAUSE and EFFECT. It was a successful lesson for my evaluation and a fun and successful activity for my students.


NOTE:  The Link to the Video is in the PowerPoint Presentation


Happy Teaching!




Figurative Language Colorform


What a fun learning activity this is...It is one of my favorite group (4) activities to complete after teaching Figurative Language. I did groups, so I wouldn't need more than 6 baggies of the 6 colors (blue, red, green, purple, orange, and yellow) of crayons or colored pencils. This activity can also be an individual activity, buddy activity or made into a learning center.


Included is a Figurative Language Definition sheet, which I put on the projection screen. I also printed a few for those that needed it right beside them. The definitions help to reinforce what was taught.


I gave the students a little hint on how to get the activity perfect, which you will find in the download...then let them go at it.


The color-coded answer key makes it really easy for you to grade…Happy Teaching!



Teenage Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Teenage Vaping and E-Cigarettes Activities


You will find 4 Articles:


Schools Scramble to Deal With Student Vaping

Vaping Sent Teenager to Rehab

Boy 14 Blinded When E-Cigarette Exploded

Texas Man Dies from Exploding E-Cigarette


Each Article Has A Vocabulary List, Comprehension Questions, Crossword, Wordsearch, and a Double Puzzle


You will also find:


7 Videos, 8 Printable Posters, 1 PowerPoint with Speaker Notes, and a Couple of Extra Things…Happy Teaching!


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Activities


This file contains 12 Activities, 24 Lesson Plans With More Activities, 2 PowerPoints and 23 Videos with Activities.

The videos are on a website, so you will need a digital projector and screen to show the videos to your students. Each video also has activities to go with them. I have included the Educator's Guide for you that includes the activities.

You can Pick and Choose YOUR Activities to make YOUR BEST lesson ever…Happy Teaching!


Creepy Stories that Teenagers Will Love

Creepy Stories Even Teenagers Will Love


This file contains 36 Creepy Stories that Teenagers Will Love



Comprehension and Vocabulary Questions for Each Story


My students LOVED them and they are great for a Learning Center, Substitute Activity, What to Do When I Am Done Activity, etc.


Happy Teaching!




Compelling News Stories for Teens

Compelling News Articles for Teenagers


These news stories will surely catch your students' attention...

Some of the titles are:

35 Pounds of Vomit Found in Parking Lot
1500 People Attend Girls Birthday Party
Dad Sleeps While 8-Year-Old Drives
Ferret Chews Off Baby's Fingers
Italian Man Shot in Head Sneezes Out Bullet

These news stories with Comprehension Questions could be used in a center, for extra credit, as a buddy activity, etc.

Happy Teaching!


Informational News Articles

Informational News Articles for Teens


This packet contains 13 Informational NEWS Articles with Comprehension Questions.

Some of the NEWS Articles are:

Town's Saggy Pants Ban May Soon Include Women
Woman Arrested For Kissing Cop On The Nose 'Against His Will'
'Be My Girlfriend' Note Didn't Exactly End the Way This Kid Hoped
James Blankenship, 22-Year-Old Man, Thought He Could Only Be Charged For A Nighttime Break-In
North Dakota woman plans to give obese kids letters on Halloween

Especially teens found these news articles very engaging, surprising, and funny.

Find Me on Teachers Pay Teachers JAMsReadingCloset


Happy Teaching!


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