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The Switch to Online Teaching and Learning

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I admire all teachers that have taken on the task of teaching their students electronically through this epidemic period of time.  It is not only challenging for the teachers, but also for their students (AND PARENTS). 


I am hoping that some of my PowerPoint lessons will help out.  I used them when I did online tutoring two nights a week on the WIMBA platform that was provided by my Board of Education.  We were trying everything to improve test scores to help raise our school grade.  Just so you know there was NO extra pay for this service to my students…just the satisfaction that they were engaged and reviewing what had been taught throughout the year.


Each PowerPoint began with a PRETEST.  Followed by the answers for students to see how they did and how much they remembered.  We would go over the pretest together.  Then I would provide them with a short lesson as a review with some practice activities that we did together.  I also included some online practice activities for those that needed extra practice or that you the teacher could assign.  There are many to choose from.  Sometimes, we did a few together.   Once all were confident we moved on to the POSTTEST.  The students took the POSTTEST on paper and turned it in the next day for extra credit on their semester exam.  The PRETEST and POSTTEST are multiple-choice and are not very long.   My tutoring session was to be for 1 hour, but most of the time went over depending on how many students showed up for the session…more students…more interaction.


Here are many of the WIMBA PowerPoint lessons that I offer you…All are set up pretty much the same.  Should you purchase one, I suggest you go through it, and then you can decide how best to present it to your students to reflect your style of teaching. 

Cause and Effect

Drawing Conclusions

Fact and Opinion

Compare and Contrast

Should you decide to try one of my lessons and have questions…any at all…just email me at excellence1@cfl.rr.com.  I am retired and have plenty of time to chat through email or I can send my phone number to talk about what you need.  I am here to help and always HAPPY to help...


PS:  Please share my Blog with your fellow teachers and visit my Shopify store for some FREE teacher goodies and visit my FOR TEACHERS ONLY Collection of  Digital Downloads for more fun and engaging lessons.



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