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DIY – Teacher’s Mood Magnet Painting Packet

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Otherwise, saddle up…I am going to take you on a painting ride…



Graphite Paper, Sandpaper, Gesso (Sealer), Tack Cloth, Awl or Small Drill Bit, Mod Podge Varnish either Gloss or Matte, Wood Stain (I used Minwax Special Walnut), E6000 Glue or a Hot Glue Gun and a Ball Point Pen or Stylus

PAINT:  White, Red, Medium Green, Dark Green, Dark Maroon or Burgundy

SHARPIE Paint Pen (Water):  White for Wording

BRUSHES:  ¼ Flat and a small short haired round or liner brush

TIME DURATION:  Several Days


2 Wood Cutouts (Apple and Heart), Magnet, Ball Chain, Painting Instructions, Pattern


  1. Once you have received your painting packet, the first thing you are going to do is SAND your wood cutouts.

You can sand your wood cutout with an electric palm sander or with just some sandpaper that you probably have lying around.  I LOVE my Makita palm sander with the attached dust bag.  It just makes the sanding job easier and quicker.

  1. Using a TACK cloth remove all the dust particles.

  1. Now it is time to seal our wood cutouts. I used Minwax Special Walnut Stain on my wood cutouts. Be sure to allow them to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

NOTE:  I painted my first coat on the stem BEFORE I remembered to take a picture.


  1. Once the stain is dry, we need to get ready to paint our BASE coats. Place your GRAPHITE PAPER (I used WHITE Graphite Paper, but Black will also work) on top of your wood cutout, put your pattern on top of the graphite paper, and with a STYLUS or ballpoint pen, trace your Stem and Leaves.  It should look like the picture above.

  1. Now, it is time to shade our wood cutout. Maroon UNDER the leaves and DARK GREEN on TOP of the leaves and LEFT side of the HEART.  WHITE shading goes on the BOTTOM of the leaves and on the RIGHT side of the Apple and Heart. Use a larger flat brush.  Dip the brush in water and rake off excess.  Dip ONE side of the brush in the color of paint you need.  Run the brush back and forth on wax paper to spread out the paint on the brush.  Using long strokes go around the places you need to highlight (white) or shade (maroon or dark green).  Clean your brush.

I hope YOUR shading looks like mine above…

  1. With your BLACK SHARPIE trace around your LEAVES and STEM.

  1. Now you are ready to transfer the wording…Teacher’s Mood’ to your apple. You can freehand, as I did or choose one of the three samples I included in your packet.  Cut the wording out and center on your apple.  Place your graphite paper in between and trace.  I used a Sharpie PAINT marker in white (Water based) for this.  You could also use your BLACK Sharpie.


  1. Let this dry overnight. Once this is completely dry, then you can add TWO coats of varnish.  I like to use Mod Podge varnish.  You can choose GLOSS or MATTE…whether you like it shiny or not…

  1. We are now ready to add our BALL CHAIN.

This is how I did it…a little awkward but got the job done…

I first stuck an AWL into the apple and heart hole to stretch it a little.  Then I took a toothpick and placed some E6000 glue into the hole of the HEART first.  I placed the ball chain end in the hole and first pushed with my finger, then used the awl.   (I also used a tiny drill bit to help me get the ball into the hole.)   As long as you get at least ONE Ball into the hole you will be fine…two is even better.  I repeated this process with the apple.  If you don’t let the glue dry in the heart, then you must CAREFULLY follow the steps for the apple.  I let the heart glue dry for about an hour before I put the ball chain in the apple.  If either comes out, just poke back in…once the glue dries all is good.

  1. The last step is adding the magnet. Place a glob of E6000 glue (or use your hot glue gun) in the center of the apple. Then, place your magnet on top of the glue and press down.  Let dry completely…

Now, YOU have an AWESOME gift for YOUR child's teacher!!!


YOU did it!!!

G-O  YOU!!!




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    I like that you put the materials needed at the beginning of the project.

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