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DIY - Lollipop Christmas Ornament Painting Packet Instructions

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Otherwise, saddle up…I am going to take you on a painting ride…





Graphite Paper, Sandpaper, Gesso (Sealer), Tack Cloth, Mod Podge Varnish either Gloss or Matte, E6000 Glue or a Hot Glue Gun and a Ball Point Pen or Stylus

PAINT:  White, Red, Thicket Green, Dark Maroon or Burgundy


BRUSHES:  ¼ Flat and a small short haired round or liner brush

TIME DURATION:  Several Days


2 Wood Cutouts, 2 Dowel Rods, 2 Ribbon, 2 Gold String, Painting Instructions, Pattern


  1. Once you have received your painting packet, the first thing you are going to do is SAND your wood cutouts.


You can sand your wood cutout with an electric palm sander or with just some sandpaper that you probably have lying around.  I LOVE my Makita palm sander with the attached dust bag.  It just makes the sanding job easier and quicker.

  1. Once the wood cutouts are sanded smooth. Use a TACK CLOTH to get all of the dust off of your wood pieces.

3.  Now it is time to seal our wood cutouts. When I am going to paint something, I like to seal my wood with GESSO.  It is a think white sealer that you just brush on and let dry completely.

4.  Once your GESSO is completely dry SAND then use the TACK CLOTH again to get all of the white dust particles off. YOUR wood cutouts should feel smooth to the touch.  If not, sand some more, then TACK again.

 5.  Now, we need to get ready to PAINT our base coats.  Paint the FRONT, BACK, and SIDES of your circle WHITE.  You will need TWO Coats of Paint…Let dry completely between coats.


5 A.  Place your GRAPHITE PAPER on top of your wood cutout, put your pattern on top of the graphite paper, and with a STYLUS or ballpoint pen, trace your HEART.  It should look like the picture above.

  1. Now, it is time to shade our wood cutout. Maroon on the LEFT side of the heart and white on the right side.  Use a larger flat brush.  Dip the brush in water and rake off excess.  Dip ONE side of the brush in the maroon color.  Run the brush back and forth on wax paper to spread out the paint on the brush.  Using long strokes go around the LEFT side of the Heart with the paint filled edge of your brush.  Do the same thing around the right side of the heart using white paint.   Clean your brush.

I hope YOUR shading looks like mine above…

  1. Now, you can add your GREEN Accents and RED Dots.

  1. With your BLACK SHARPIE trace around your heart.

  1. Let this dry overnight. Once this is completely dry, then you can add TWO coats of varnish.  I like to use Mod Podge varnish.  You can choose GLOSS or MATTE…whether you like it shiny or not…

  1. Carefully twist in your dowel rod for the lollipop stick.

  1. You are ready to add your RED bow. I like E6000 glue, but you can also use a hot glue gun.  Add a DAB of glue at the TOP of your stick and then press your RED BOW into the glue.

  1. Lastly, we will be adding our GOLD hanger string.

YOU did it!!!

G-O  YOU!!!



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  • nxaoifzxvb on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • JAM on

    Mrs. A., You are so sweet. I am getting into this thing called blogging. ;-)

  • Judy A Merashoff on

    Lizzy and Boo…Thank you! I love handmade gifts.

  • Lizzy and Boo on

    Great Blog Judy – what a fun project!!

  • Mrs. A. on

    Judy, your passion for your projects shines through in your blog posts. Nice post.

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