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DIY – Reindeer Ornament Painting Packet

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DIY – Reindeer Ornament Painting Packet

DIY Reindeer Wooden Ornament

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Otherwise, saddle up…I am going to take you on a painting ride…




Sandpaper and/or Palm Sander, Tack Cloth, Needle Nose Pliers, Mod Podge Varnish either Gloss or Matte, Fine Steel Wool, Wood Stain (I used Minwax Special Walnut, but think the next time I made these I will use Minwax Early American, which is a somewhat lighter stain)  Here is a Minwax Color Guide so you can see which color stain you might like to use.



PAINT:  White, Red, Bright Green, Black



BRUSHES:  ¼ Flat and a small short haired round or liner brush



TIME DURATION:  Several Days


2 Wood Reindeer Cutouts, Ribbon, Toothpicks, Eye Hooks, Painting Instructions


  1. Once YOU have received your painting packet, the first thing YOU are going to do is SAND your wood cutouts.

YOU can sand YOUR wood cutout with an electric palm sander or with just some sandpaper that YOU probably have lying around.  I LOVE my Makita palm sander with the attached dust bag.  I was going to give YOU a link to this sander, but Makita no longer sells it.  Boy, I am happy that I have 2 of them.  It just makes the sanding job easier and quicker.  YOU will still need to get into the tight places with sandpaper.

  1. Using a TACK cloth remove all the dust particles.



  1. Now it is time to seal our wood cutouts. I used Minwax Special Walnut Stain on my wood cutouts. For a lighter stain try Minwax Early American. Be sure to allow them to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

NOTE:  Place the toothpick in the hole I drilled for the eyehook before sealing…leave it in until you have applied the varnish.  I just want to keep the stain and varnish from filling up the hole, so YOU will have an easier time putting in the eyehook.  ;-)

NOTE #2:  I put baggies on my hands when I am staining wood.  I also use a piece of an old rag to dip into the stain.  I found that on this particular item that a Q-Tip worked great to stain the edges of the reindeer.  I noticed that some fuzz was left behind from the Q-Tip.  Be sure to pick off the fuzz.

  1. Once the stain is dry, YOU are ready to paint…Remember to paint BOTH sides…


  1. Paint your GREEN Holly Leaves on both sides
  2. Next, paint your holly berries and nose using Dip-Dots. Notice that the berries are smaller dots than the nose.
  3. Once your berries and nose dots are dry…A white Dip-Dot is placed on the nose and a bigger white Dip-Dot for the eye.
  4. Now we are ready to make our WHITE hearts on the antlers. Place TWO Dip-Dots close together.  Using the toothpick drag the white paint to a point.  Use the same technique for all 5 hearts on both sides.
  5. Place a smaller BLACK Dip-Dot on the white eye. Once that is dry place a tiny Dip-Dot of white on the black part of the eye…YOUR eye is done.
  6. With YOUR small round or liner brush, paint on the hooves and mouth.
  7. The last thing is the cheeks…YOU can do this two ways. First way is just to make a large Dip-Dot in red or using red oil paint and a small stiff brush…dip YOUR brush into the oil paint, scrub off on a paper towel, then in a circular manner scrub on your cheek.  This is the technique I used.  The red Dip-Dot works just fine and is easier.
  8. Let this dry overnight. Once this is completely dry, then you can add TWO coats of varnish.  I like to use Mod Podge varnish.  You can choose GLOSS or MATTE…whether you like it shiny or not…

  1. I used two coats of varnish. If you notice your reindeers feels a little rough, use some fine steel wool and rub away any rough patches.
  2. Once YOUR reindeers are smooth, TACK again and then put another coat of Mod Podge on it. Let dry for several hours.
  3. Now it is time to screw in your eyehook. I have drilled a small hole to make it easier to start it.  Use your needleneck pliers to hold the eyehook.  Place it in the hole and turn the reindeer while pushing in on the eyehook.  Screw as far down as you can.
  4. Thread the ribbon thrown the eyehook and tie.

YOU did it!!!

G-O  YOU!!!



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  • Lizzy & Boo on

    I love these – what a cute idea!!

  • JAM on

    Thank you, Mrs. A.

  • Mrs. A. on

    These are adorable!!

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