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Are YOU A Collector of Old Books? (updated 11/9/17)

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 I am not talking about the special ones that are worth a lot of money…just plain old books. Have YOU ever thought about ways to use them besides putting them on a shelf or stacking them on a table? Here YOU go…a few ideas of what to do with old books.  If I had researched this earlier, I had a ton of old textbooks I could have used for some of these projects.  I tossed all of my textbooks away or gave them to another teacher...I wish I had kept a few.   Dishfunctional Designs Laura’s blog has oodles of...

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Do YOU Happen to Have an Old Mattress Lying Around?

If so, I could use a few of the springs… I have a yearning to do some bed spring projects. I found Adina’s Blog and these are the first 3 projects I am sharing…Love Them…           Michelle’s Crafty Morning Blog shares the bed spring bells, snowmen, flower pot holder, and wine rack…   Need table decorations for YOUR wedding? These are so pretty and unique… At Refurbished Ideas you will find many more creative ways to use bed springs. I am having so much fun researching upcycled/refurbished bed springs.      Need a unique place to hang...

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What to Do With All of Those Vintage Wooden Hangers?

The Refab Diaries Blog is a GREAT place to start getting ideas…   Hang Jewelry From the Hanger…Just by Adding Eye Hooks…   Decoupage Them to Make Them Special…     I LOVE this idea…And, would be so simple to make… Paint the wood, sand to give the hanger a worn look, add your wording, then add a sealer…DONE! Shop My Store for the hangers YOU need…              Here are 4 Examples I made for Christmas Gifts…Instead of FAMILY, I made them to showcase their SCHOOL WORK…   Just add some shower curtain hooks and you have a...

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How Do YOU Display All of YOUR Awesome Vintage Tins? (UPDATED 11/22/17)

Tins on a Shelf Now that you have a collection of vintage tins what do you do with them?  Normally, you would place them on a shelf or table for all to see.  Let’s see if we can find a more creative way to display them or a way to make them useful… Make an organizer to hold all YOUR small stuff… Attach them to a vintage cupboard door…WALL ART STACK THEM…I love this idea, especially if you have a lot of tins that are the same height…I do believe this person LOVES Coffee… Use your vintage tins as wall...

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What Would You Do With These?

candlestick holder christmas tree DIY DIY project hat rack serving bowls serving plate table legs vintage wooden bobbins

Here are some ideas I found while researching up-cycled and repurposed vintage wooden bobbins or spools… Add a vintage tin or even a pretty glass bowl to the top of one of the bobbins to make a unique serving dish. Display photographs or table numbers for all to see… http://whimsydecor.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-03-06T19:13:00-08:00&max-results=7&reverse-paginate=true&start=10&by-date=false Scroll down about halfway… I love this idea.  Use the branches of the old artificial tree you are about to throw out to make this unique Christmas tree that everyone will be talking about… http://rockriverstitches.blogspot.com/2010/12/prim-wooden-beehive-bobbin-bird-tree.html Just decorate YOUR way… Perfect for any season or holiday. Attach a glass plate to...

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