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DIY - Painting Instructions for Wooden Jelly Jar Wall Hanging

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Painting Instructions for the JELLY JAR WALL HANGING   If you don’t want to paint your own, then you can purchase one of these at JAMsCraftCloset.Com – Click Here  COTTAGE CHIC COLLECTION (Go Here to Purchase the Painting Kit)  Otherwise, saddle up…I am going to take you on a painting ride… MATERIALS NEEDED: Graphite Paper, Staple Gun, Sandpaper, Gesso (Sealer), Tack Cloth, Mod Podge Varnish either Gloss or Matte, and a Ball Point Pen or Stylus PAINT:  Light and Dark Aqua, Light and Dark Lilac, Light and Dark Blue, Yellow, White, Ivory, Black and Burnt Sienna, SHARPIES:  Pink, Green, and Fine...

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