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Author's Purpose PowerPoint Complete Lesson Teacher Resource from Pretest to Posttest


Author's Purpose PowerPoint Lesson

This PowerPoint lesson is divided into two parts. PART 1 starts with a PRETEST, then teaching section, 2 online practice activities, as well as, a 'we do' activity. There is no POSTTEST for PART 1. PART 2 begins with a PRETEST, then a 'we do' activity followed by some online practice activities. This part does have a POSTTEST. All PRETESTS and POSTTEST have answer keys in the PowerPoint.

This lesson is separated into two parts to make it easier to complete the lesson without feeling rushed. So, two class periods and could be 3 class periods are needed to utilize this lesson successfully.


NOTE: Do you need a review activity or introduction to Author's Purpose? If so, this activity is perfect for either of these...

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