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What Does A Teacher Do on the Days Half of the Class is Somewhere Else or Testing???

For Teachers Only Blog Post #1


As YOU finish off the school year, YOU are going to have many days where YOUR classes are shortened or many of YOUR students are in a different location.  It is hard to teach a complete lesson when this happens.


I thought back to the times this happened to me.  I want to give YOU some activities that will keep YOUR students motivated, engaged, thinking, and learning even though YOU are not teaching a lesson for a full-time period or with all students present.


Partner Activity - Over a 3-4 Day Period

Conversation Around School

I would give each student a large (4X6) colored index card.  Let them pick their color to make it more personal.  Have them title it ‘Conversation In and Around School’ and include their name and period.

This should be fun for the students especially eavesdropping on other students…maybe even teachers, custodians, administrators, etc.

Even more fun will be using what they heard around campus to complete one of the tasks above.  You now have students engaged and thinking.  YEAH, YOU!!!

As for grading, I would have them turn the written part in.  Then give them 100% if they were engaged and working together appropriately with their partner.  Yes, the writing part is important, but so is keeping students engaged in their learning.  If students are engaged in their learning, then everything else will fall into place.


I hope you give this activity a try.  Please let me know how it went and any modifications YOU made that would make this activity even better.


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