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DIY Painting Instructions for the Country Welcome and Welcome Friends Wall Hanging

DIY Painting Instructions for the Country Welcome or Welcome Friends Wall Hanging

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Otherwise, saddle up…I am going to take YOU on a painting ride…



Graphite Paper, Sandpaper, Gesso (Sealer), Tack Cloth, Mod Podge Varnish either Gloss or Matte, and a Ball Point Pen or Stylus

PAINT: Medium Blue, Straw, White, Light Ivory, a Barn Red (NOT Bright Red – YOU could add a little Burnt Umber to Bright Red), Black, Green (I love Thicket Green), and Burnt Umber,

Technical Pen (See Below):  Fine Point Black

TIME DURATION:  Several Days



Wood Cutouts, Ribbon, Eye Screws, Hanger and Nail, Toothpicks, Patter for House and Wording for Banner, and Painting Directions

  1. Once YOU have received YOUR painting packet, the first thing YOU are going to do is SAND YOUR wood cutouts. YOU want YOUR edges to be really smooth to touch.

YOU can sand your wood cutout with an electric palm sander or with just some sandpaper that YOU probably have lying around.  I LOVE my Makita palm sander with the attached dust bag.  It just makes the sanding job easier and quicker.

  1. Once the wood cutouts are sanded smooth. Use a TACK CLOTH to get all of the dust off of your wood pieces.

  1. Now it is time to seal our wood cutouts. When I am going to paint something, I like to seal my wood with GESSO.  It is a thick white sealer that you just brush on and let dry completely.

YOU will seal your HOUSE with Gesso and seal your BANNER with Mod Podge (2 Coats).  Wait for BOTH to COMPLETELY Dry.

  1. Once your GESSO is completely dry SAND then use the TACK CLOTH again to get all of the white dust particles off. Also, SAND YOUR BANNER and then apply another coat of Mod Podge.  Let DRY.  YOUR wood cutouts should feel smooth to the touch.  If not, sand some more, then TACK again.


  1. Now, we need to get ready to PAINT our base coats. Paint the house using Light Ivory – Two coats front and back.  On the Banner paint the edges and back with a strong wash of Burnt Umber.  A wash is where the paint is watered down enough to allow the wood grain to show through.  Let both dry completely.


5 A.  Place the GRAPHITE PAPER (Do NOT use carbon paper...You can make graphite paper by rubbing a pencil lead over a sheet of paper.) on top of the wood cutout.  Then place the pattern on top of the graphite paper.  With a STYLUS or ballpoint pen, trace the pattern on YOUR house and the words on YOUR banner.  Just trace the main lines…roof, window outline, and door outline. That is all you need to trace at this time. 

5B.  Apply a WASH of the red to the Chimney and Heart -  A WASH of blue to the roof and door -  A WASH of Burnt Umber to the windows.

  1. Now, it is time to shade our wood cutout. You will use the original color for this, NOT the WASH.  Use a larger flat brush.  Dip the brush in water and rake off excess.  Dip ONE side of the brush in the RED color.  Run the brush back and forth on wax paper to spread out the paint on the brush.  Using long strokes go around your heart and the bottom of the chimney with the paint filled edge of your brush.  Do the same thing with blue around the roof and door.   Using Burnt Umber shade around the windows the same way.  Let dry…

I hope yours looks similar to this.  I forgot to take this picture BEFORE I added the lines on the heart and door.  Once dry you can add these lines and also a side load of white for the blinds on the window.


  1. It is time to add the BLACK Dip Dots. Do NOT add the BLACK Dip Dots under the windows until you have made your DIP DOT tiny hearts.  To make the hearts place two RED DIP DOTS touching each other.  Take a toothpick and draw the paint down to a point to form the bottom of the heart.  Now you can add your BLACK Dip Dots under the windows.  Using the GREEN add in the Green strokes as shown in the picture.

  1. We are getting down to the final steps…adding all the detail lines using a FINE POINT Technical BLACK PEN…

Any of these will work just fine…

  1. Let the wood cutouts dry overnight. We will be putting a couple coats of water-based varnish on them.  We need to make sure the ink has time to dry or when we put on the varnish the ink will smear.  Be patient and let it dry for at least 12 hours before adding the varnish.
  2. We are ready to attach our eye screws. HINT:  I take a skinny nail and start the hole for my eye screw.  Once eye screws are attached, it is time to add the hanger to the banner.  Now that the hardware is attached YOU can take your ribbon and tie both the banner and house together.  YOU just completed the FINAL step!


YOUR Welcome House is now ready to hang or give as a gift!!!


YOU did it!!!

G-O  YOU!!!



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