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Lather and Nothing Else - STORY ELEMENTS- Use for Review Teacher Resource


Lather and Nothing Else - STORY ELEMENTS- Use for Review

This was a long activity...a week or more or 5 or more class periods. but it was an engaging one for my students. One con was that my school was rationing paper and I had to put in a special request for enough paper for 150 students. If I remember correctly it took 6 sheets of paper per student. I color-coded my periods with the color paper I provided.


I showed the video first to set the hook. The link is provided for you.


I made a class set of the passage plus a few extra. After the video, I read the passage to my students as they followed along. We discussed anything that was confusing or anything I thought was important for them to understand the story better.


I let them work in groups of 4, with a buddy, or alone. I passed out the student handout. Once the precious paper was passed out, we made our flipbook adding the title of the 11 categories on each flap of our flipbook. On top of the color paper, we put the title: Lather and Nothing Else - Story Elements and our name, date, and period.


I added 3 picture examples of our flipbooks. Once the flipbooks were made and all labeled my students were on their own. I answered all the questions that came up and kept everyone on task.


This activity reinforced everything that was taught about story elements. It was interactive and engaging. In fact, it was one of my students' favorite activities.


I hope your students enjoy this activity as much as mine did.




NOTE: I used this activity for review and reinforcement. You may want to use this PowerPoint for teaching before using this activity...Story Elements Complete Teacher Lesson on PowerPoint

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