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Context Clues Complete PowerPoint Lesson With ANSWER KEYS Teacher Resource


Context Clues PowerPoint Lesson With ANSWER KEYS

This PowerPoint is complete. It is divided into 3 parts, which can be completed in 3 class periods.


PART #1 begins with a PRETEST and then the teacher's lesson and ends with a POSTTEST. Both tests have answer keys built into the PowerPoint.


PART #2 begins with a PRETEST, two practice online activities, and a POSTTEST, both with answer keys built into the PowerPoint. The online activities are to be done together.


PART #3 has the same PRETEST and POST TEST format. It includes two online activities for the extra reinforcement. Both tests have answer keys.


Having a PowerPoint presentation makes it easy for those students that may need to see it again to reinforce learning or for the students that were absent.


I used this PowerPoint when I did online tutoring twice a week on the WIMBA format. Therefore, everything I needed had to be included on the PowerPoint. For credit, my students turned in their papers with the completed activities the next day for their extra credit points.



NOTE:  After using this PowerPoint to teach Context Clues, here is a great hands-on way to practice and reinforce the concept...

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