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US History 10 WAR AND DISILLUSIONMENT Teacher Resource Supplemental Vocabulary Activities-Birth of Hippie Culture-Black Panther Party-Activism-Iran Hostage Crisis-Vietnam War-FREE Activities Included


US History 9 FROM THE COLD WAR TO CIVIL RIGHTS Teacher Resource Supplemental Vocabulary Activities-Civil Rights Movement-Cold War-Desegregating Schools-Emmet Till-Little Rock 9-GI Bill-FREE Activities Included - JAMsCraftCloset

1.  Vocabulary and Definitions
2. Student Word List - No Definitions
3. Worksheet - Answer Key  and TID BIT for EXTRA Student Points
4.  Wordsearch
5.  Hidden Message Wordsearch With Positive Message for Students - EASY GRADING FOR TEACHER
6.  Crossword
7.  Vocabulary Matching Cards - Print, Cut, Bag, and Use - Hands-On Activity

FREE File with 18 Extra Activities other than MY Vocabulary Activities

Some subjects included in this File are:   Civil Rights Movement, Cold War, Desegregating Schools, Emmett Till, Little Rock 9, Selma to Montgomery March, The GI Bill , and Young People in the Civil Rights Movement.

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