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Black Lawn Post Topper Jockey JOCKO Historic Vintage 11 Inch Cast Iron


Black Lawn Post Topper Jockey JOCKO Historic Vintage 11 Inch Cast Iron

SIZE:  11 Inches Tall, 5 Inches in Length at Arms, and 3 Inches Wide at Base

Paint does show some wear from age and use. Please look at pictures closely.

To read about the History of the Lawn Jockey visit this website

The jockey statue symbolizes men helping guide escaping slaves to the Underground Railroad...


Lawn Jockey Color Scheme

Jockeys have been painted and repainted in many different colors and patterns. All were originally black-face, but since they were all outside and their iron skin eventually corroded, all we have to go by in determining their original clothes colors are paintings of the era, statuettes, and miniature salesman's samples. 

The antebellum painting above shows a group of "household" slaves. From 1860 to about 1900, the red-yellow-white configuration depicting Jocko as a "house negro" was probably his original color scheme. After 1900, more caricature versions adopted a red-white-blue theme. 

This Jocko has two Phillip type screws holding it together.  I then researched the Phillip screw.  In the early 1930s, the Phillips head screw was invented by Henry Phillips.

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